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Winter Trail Snack: Dried Fruits
One of the simplest trail snacks to put together that you've probably used during any season is a sort of trail mix made up of dried fruits! You can use any dried fruits that you like, but I really recommend adding uncrystallized ginger! It adds a flavor kick that you will be missing otherwise. One possible mixture: - dried apricots - uncrystallized ginger - dried pears - dried figs - dried cranberries This is great to put together ahead of time, and is also great to keep in the car for a bit of rejuvenation after a hike! You could also try: - dried apples - dried cranberries - dried .pineapples - walnuts Adding something like nuts or chocolate candy will turn it into more of a trail mix, but it still does the trick!
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As always, I'm going to use this as a healthy snack for between workout classes instead of hiking, but it will work well. Thanks as always :)
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I've never tried the uncrystallized ginger before. Any suggestions on where to buy it? @happyrock
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I love the flavor of different stone fruits, so I love the apricots in this. (I'd probably even add dried plums!) And @treedweller, I've seen it at Trader Joe's. It'll be in a bag labeled Uncrystallized Candied Ginger.
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@treedweller It seems @danidee gets hers where I get mine--Trader Joe's! Any food that typically carries organic food (and thus kind of off the wall things) will likely have it!
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@danidee Thank you! @happyrock
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