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We all know that a healthy breakfast is an important part of any healthy diet! It's also an important part of any active lifestyle. Without the energy that breakfast gives you, you wouldn't be able to perform as well. While hiking in the winter, there are a few great foods that you can try to enjoy: - hot or cold cereals - toast with peanut butter - French toast or pancakes with syrup - cheese, nuts, fruit Make sure you get something with protein and fat in it, such as cheese, meat or peanut butter. It will ensure that you feel full for a few hours. You will need to mix that with enough carbs to get the quick burst of energy you need. Lastly, as much as you might enjoy them, try avoid coffee or teas that have caffeine in them! They contain diuretics that can cause faster dehydration. You'll also want to limit these the day before the hike, and focus on hydrating ahead of time!
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I usually repeat meals throughout my hikes as much as possible so I tend to eat a ton of peanut butter/bread/cheese throughout my trips, regardless of the meal