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Once you stop for the night, you need to have a dinner that matters! This is the time you can rebuild your energy sources, build up some fats, and charge for the next day! You should make sure to: mix complex carbs and fats. You'll stay warm and feel charged up for tomorrow! I have a wide mouth thermos & put in hot chili, stew or something similar. It weighs a little more but it is worth it. Nothing better than a hot meal on a cold summit. Some other options for dinner include: - pasta or rice dishes - mac 'n cheese - bread - bacon - vegetables, beans - a bit of protein if you like - protein drink with added fruit, ground flax and sugar Get ample rest and you'll be ready for the next day's hike!
@jeff4122 I'm a huge fan of taking lentils with me!
Beans or lentils are a total pro hiker move. They can be super heavy, so it's a great first or second night food, but beans with some dry sausage can be a huge meal in and of itself