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What do you get for the friend or family member that has been everywhere and seen everything? Easy! Help them continue their adventures around the world! 1. Travel Stub Diary I still have tickets, train passes, receipts, and museum maps from trips I took in elementary school, so you'd best believe I'd love one of these! This little journal makes a perfect stocking stuffer and comes with built in clear sleeves, as well as space in the margins for jotting down notes about the adventure :) 2. Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2015 Looking for inspiration for your next holiday? Voila! Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2015 offers plenty of suggestions! With recommendations from staff and travel experts, this awesome guide is the only one you need. 3. Scratch Off World Map Poster This awesome poster is both room decor and an interactive activity - at the same time. A thin gold foil top layer can be scraped away once the country in question has been visited, revealing little known facts about the country underneath. Each continent has a different color! 4. Passport Cover Get crazy - go for an obnoxious cover or a classic chic on, either way you'll be insuring that your adventurer will be taking a piece of you with them where ever they go!
That poster sounds so cool! And perfect for my wanderlust friends.
@priscilla glad I could help!! hope whatever gift you get is great for your jet setter (or yourself^^)
awesome @sophiamor you just answered a big question for me.
@sophiamor with this I'm sure I'll be.