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It's nearly new years and you've decided you want to travel more in 2015. The only question is - how? Here are a few suggestions: 1. ATM Budget This may sound a bit stressful at first, but it really helps with keeping your budget in check: Set a budget and take out your allocated amount of money per week. Use that for all expenses. While forgoing credit cards means less frequent flyer miles, for many people, this is the only way to stick to a small budget. It makes spending very “real” in terms of what is in your wallet on Monday was all that you have to spend for the week. For those of you who are already on a small budget and the idea of saving an extra is unfeasible, try accessing your costs and take out one splurge. Whether it is hitting up Forever 21 or getting a monthly manicure, take that money and put it towards your travel savings. It might take months of saving $30, but hey, at least you are going somewhere. 2. Work It, Baby Picking up a part-time job can be a great way to ramp up your savings. Whether it be tutoring or helping people move, there is a marketable skill that you could put to use. Check out sites like Craigslist, Elance or even the classifieds in your local newspaper. Tell everyone in your network that you are looking for extra work and be sure to specify what your skills have, whether it be painting houses or babysitting. 3. Going Once, Going Twice If you have a sizable amount saved already and just need to make up a bit extra, take a look at your closet, furniture and electronics collection. That old iPod from high school? Try selling it on Craigslist. The site is also good for posting any extra furniture that you have acquired through the years. Fashionista? Check out any consignment stores in your area and see if they feature any clothing buying programs. If you have a good eye and treat your clothes well, you can walk away with decent money in your pocket. Or… If you don’t think you can save any more money, try to reassess your travel expenses. My five quick tips on downsizing your travel budget include: - Avoid school holidays and instantly score cheaper airfare. - Check out house-sharing sites like Airbnb to skip the hotels. - If you are traveling for longer, try working while you travel with sites like WWOOF or Workaway. - Be flexible with your destination city and use a site like Skyscanner to search for fire sales to certain destinations.
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Just thinking about doing #1 stresses me out, but it's definitely a skill worth learning. Spending will power is good for all sorts of things, including saving up for travel!