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This dangerous hike can take 5-6 days and covers a huge amount of land! The 65 km trek offers superb views from the vast cliffs that form the edge of the high plateau of Lesotho and across. There are tons of vegetation, animals and birds, but its no easy trek! You'll have to rely on these remote mountains. Be! Prepared! Why is it dangerous? Because it is some of the most extreme, exposed alpine hiking area in the world. The hardest, scariest part might be in the first stages of the climb, where two rickety ladders bring you to trails that are made up of a mish-mash of hiking trails, animal trails, and rock piles. The best time to go here is mid mark to June, or during September/October. Summer (November - February) is hot, and frequently wet and cloudy but is best for wild flowers. July through August is simply too cold, unless you're looking for a chillier hike. For detailed weather information, have a look at: www.worldweather.org or www.bbc.co.uk/weather/world/country-guides To get there, you will want to go to one of the nearest significant airports are Johannesburg (4.5 hours) or Durban (3.5 hours). Even though this hike takes a few lives every year, it is doable! Be smart in choosing the time and trail, and you'll have a great time!
@happyrock My bad. Didn't know the long tap thing though I'll try it on my phone later.
@treedweller Oops, you tagged yourself there lol. long tap my name to avoid that!! anyways youre totally right....the thrill should be from the adventure not the stupid danger.
@treedweller There are a lot of people who think danger = fun. Yes, but only when that danger is reasonable and totally necessary, not added....
@treedweller I'm really not sure; everything I said took you through the ladders, though a lot of people seemed to find that the most exciting part of taking on this trip. Can't say I fully agree, though.
As much as I'm down for an amazing climb or hike, I'm not up for rickety old manmade materials. Not for me! But, the views beyond that look amazing....I wonder if there's any other way to approach the hike.