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For some people, the holidays is a time for spending time with family, but what about the few of us who love to take this as an opportunity to spend some quality time alone? Here are some trips for solo travel during the winter holidays: Where to go? This is totally a matter of taste. Personally, I'd head somewhere that feels Christmas-y. I've always wanted to visit the crazy huge Christmas markets in Germany, but you could also stay closer to home and find a local ski resort for ultimate relaxation and adventure. Or you could go as far away from Christmas as possible and hit up some tropical island somewhere! It’s really up to you. Do you want to be alone or with new friends? Traveling solo doesn’t necessarily mean being alone. We all know that we meet lots of people as we travel solo but meeting people to share a Christmas with is a little different. In this situation you need to plan accordingly. Consider accommodation that is more social such as AirBnB where you can rent a room in a person’s home or a hostel where there will be other people away from home for Christmas. When to go? Flying on Christmas day itself could get you the best deal. Flying home late on New Year’s Eve could also score you a deal. But flying other days around the holidays will take a bit more work to get a decent fare! Flying? How to get the best deal: Use a service like Skyscanner’s everywhere button. With the Skyscanner booking engine, you put in your dates and your home airport and leave the destination blank. The results will be flights to all sorts of places sorted from the cheapest to the most expensive. Buy yourself a present. Really! Who doesn’t like presents at Christmas!? While your trip may be your present there’s no reason you can’t have something small and special from your travels.It could be something as simple as a tube of toothpaste of a brand that is new to you. For as long as that tube lasts, you’ll remember your trip every time you brush your teeth!
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I can totally relate.I'm here at the airport now travelling alone this christmas week.