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There is no way I'm going to comment on all 101 of Spin's 'Best Songs of 2014' so how about I take a crack at the top 10? 10. Jenny Lewis, "She's Not Me" All I have to say about this, is thank god Jenny Lewis is back in my life. I love her work in Rilo Kiley along with her first solo album, but this release came at the perfect time for me. I didn't realize how much I wanted new Jenny Lewis until I had new Jenny Lewis! 9. Childbirth, "I Only Fucked You As a Joke" Really romantic title. To be honest I hadn't heard this song until just now and I can't exactly say I hate it. I wouldn't have put this over Kendrick Lamar (number 14) but I guess this technically isn't my list. 8. Sia, "Chandelier" This deserves top marks just for the music video. The song is pretty great, but the video was what stole the show. Props to Sia's management for getting this whole package together. 7. Beyoncé, "XO" YAAAAS. Arguably my favorite track of the album? How can she go from straight audio sex (partition) to a sweet love song like this!? 6. Run the Jewels, "Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)" I'm more interested in their cat remix album to be honest... ( 5. Parquet Courts, "Instant Disassembly" Pretty good if you need to get that angst out. Not my style right now but I can see its appeal! 4. QT, "Hey QT" How can I be this girl? This is a total attack on the pop industry (or maybe the spawn of that industry...) and unfortunately I can't get enough of this song. 3. Nicki Minaj, "Anaconda" Queen Nicki - this is deserves to be on the top, no questions asked. Everything from the video to the lyrics make you think. 2. iLoveMakonnen, "Tuesday" Is this...a joke? I listened to this song once and sent it to my coworkers to laugh at how boring this song was. Who paid Spin to put this at number 2?! 1. Future Islands, "Seasons (Waiting on You)" I am still stunned by the number 2 choice - listen to this one yourself and make up your mind.
@caricakes I take it from the way you wrote Queen Nicki that you're a fan as well?? :D
This is a pretty rough list. You're right - what is up with iLoveMakonnen being higher than Lamar?
I feel like I'm getting old because I only know like three of these songs. But I totally agree with Chandelier! The choreography was so great, and the little girl was so talented.