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!!Warning this MV is rated 19+ in Korea!! Although I can't declare myself a huge fan of Nine Muses I absolutely love this song, it ranks pretty highly on my favourite songs of all time (which happens to be a very long list of songs XD) The one part I find hard to watch is the drawing the razor blade through her lips part, even though it's not real and there's no blood and she's not even cutting herself it just makes me feel uncomfortable. Fortunately though the good in this outweighs the bad, at least in my opinion it does, and if from now on their music is going to be this awesome, then I can't wait for a comeback :) Oh and to all those who follow my playlist collection "The Soundtrack to Life!" I'll have a new themed playlist and challenge posted soon :) Full credit to the owner of this video :)
@callmekaren I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
Wow I knew of this song and dance but I had never seen the music video for it before. The make up in it is awesome!