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Santa Barbara marina area . Canon 40D with Tamron 18 250
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I love that you were able to capture its eyes so sharply. The focus of this is really great :)
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I'm with @caricakes - what I found most stunning was the clarity and vividness of the heron's eye. It makes an amazing contrast with the blues and grays around it.
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thanks all..yes used zoom my Tamron 18 250. pumped the saturation slightly
3 years ago·Reply
@multimediamaven What do you think of the Tamron line? Do you think the lenses are on par with quality from Sigma?
3 years ago·Reply
@dillonk i think they can be of similar quality. but depends on the lense. the above mentioned tamron is a.great lightweight walk around lense for a resonable price. i have a few sigma lenses too.
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