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Warriors: Owner Joe Lacob apologizes to Mark Jackson for last week's critical comments http://espn.go.com -via SportsCenter http://es.pn/scappandroid
I am happy especially if Rose keeps getting injured! lol @EightyNine its ridiculous! We can do better, we have done better. smh
@Goyo I don't think anyone is disputing Jackson did great things for the Dubs. He is the one that made that defensive atmosphere for the club. It was his off court stuff that many were not happy with. While we will never know what truly happened, it certainly seemed like it was a "you vs. us" mentalility in that locker room. I'm sure Coach Jackson learned from the experience as well and he'll keep in mind what he learned this time through. @Tashamoore You must be happy with Pau's and Butler's performance this year. They're killing it
I am a warriors fan but chicago @Goyo lol! but yea definitely kerr is doing something right Jackson started this team up but couldnt finish them. i see that with jackson where he hauled ass with the warriors helped them get better but Kerrs gonna help them win it all right @EightyNine
I agree about Kerr. I just feel bad for Jackson because he basically built that club, and to not be recognized at all for doing that, is not right... the Warriors were not nearly as talented during Jackson's years as they are this year (maybe last year)... @TashaMoore are you a warriors fan? @EightyNine you are right? lol you must be happy as hell this year lol
@Goyo yea i got it from my espn app. :-/
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