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kids have many people to look up and i'm glad thats there is someone for the community of kids who feel like they might not get the respect from people or they feel like nobody will understand them. These kids are kids who are transgender. transgenders are people who are born one sex but wants to become the other sex. im proud to say that a famous rapper name iggy azalea came out about being a boy in her early childhood years. Despite her music, she is going to make so many kids happy and a fantastic role model. Im glad to see our country move in a better direction!
i was trying to share this other article that talked about it i couldnt share it :-( @caricakes
I think you might have linked the wrong article cause I don't see that there at all! It says that she is a woman with the persona of a drag queen (the character of iggy azalea is an act) but it doesn't say anything about being transgender.
she is a transgender, it says drag queen but a drag queen is dressing up as the opposite sex. Transgender as it said in the article she took hormones and got surgery done to remove her gentials.
I couldn't tell from the article whether she is transgender or not? Could you share more on that?