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ok, I think I can try something new. yesterday I was in metro and i was going to my friends. then I thought, what can I do if a war has already started while I was here. can I find my friends and protect them. can we survive? what can I do if something already has happened to them. believe me, I don't know the end of the story. but I think it will be funny to see a war from my eyes. love you guys, please don't die, wait for me, coming
@greggr I reqlly want to write this as you expect, I want people to run with me, or may be I can make a small serie. I can pause the story at a point and ask you guys how to continue the story
@OmerTurco I think a small series would be lovely. It'd be interesting to actually see more pieces of this journey! I would recommend making a collection specifically for this story, and adding each part there so we can follow along! Otherwise it might not be clear what goes with what
@blackofwhite thank you, and actually seeing the stories while I am writing is the funniest part for me.
This is very interesting @OmerTurco. I find the spacing of the last 4 lines great: I feel like I'm running along with you trying to find your friends, or a solution, or really anything to grasp onto
this is interesting. the concept is fresh. I like how you write it as if you're going to see them still, like a thought bubble over your head (like in cartoons) I really like the title. :) the only thing bothering me is the use of than instead of then