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Picking the correct wheel is the ultimate decision for a skater. After all, the wheels are one of the few pieces on your board that can completely change the purpose of the set up. For example, a board slapped with super drifty wheels can give a set up a freeride orientation where as grippy wheels will change it to a downhill machine. Let’s talk about some of the choices you will come across in your search for the ultimate wheel. First off, understand that nothing I say will be quite the same as actually getting a set of wheels under your feet and trying them out. That’s why the best advice I can give you is BUY TONS OF WHEELS (no, I am not getting any kickbacks from any wheel makers for saying this). If you are committed to the sport of longboarding you will go through dozens of wheels. Eventually, you will be a better skater because of your first hand (or foot) experience with each of these wheels. There are SO MANY VARIABLES when riding a longboard wheel. For example, hot weather will make wheels more buttery. Cold weather can make them more icey or even more grippy. It depends on the type of longboard wheel, your ride style, the pavement, the board, your trucks, the weather, your bushings, your risers, etc, etc, and etc…
The Orangatang Wheels: For Your Health video is a great video for breaking down wheels, and what each type of wheel does (not just Otangs)
So many wheels.
I love square lips and all... but butter dough?