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One of my fondest memories of Christmas is spending time with my sister and my mother making tons of candy toy trains and sleighs and becoming hot glue gun masters. Maybe this isn't the recipes you might be used to seeing from me, but it's certainly a fun craft that you can do with your children, friends, or family members and makes a great gift! (I remember my aunts kept smuggling extras in their purses. They couldn't get over how cute these were!) Don't feel restricted by the ingredients list. If you aren't a fan of raisins or if peppermint candy canes are too plain, feel free to swap them out and rework the construction of your sleigh! ----------------------------------------------- Candy Cane Santa Sleighs Glue gun and glue sticks 8 candy canes, 6 inches long 4 bars (2.07 ounces each) chocolate-covered peanut, caramel and nougat candy 4 packages (1 1/2 ounces each) raisins 4 foil-covered chocolate Christmas trees (1.3 ounces each) or 12 foil-covered chocolate gift packages 4 foil-covered peanut butter or chocolate Santas (1 ounce each) 1. For each sleigh, pipe glue along sides of 2 candy canes (in wrappers); attach to either side of candy bar to make sleigh runners. 2. Glue raisin package to top of candy bar. 3. Glue tree and Santa to top of raisin package.
Thanks for tagging me @Sjeanyoon. Too cute! This would look great on my christmas tree. I just need some gold twine to tie the gift boxes (maybe super glue it) and hang it! :)
These are super adorable! I bet @alohajpark would love this for her diy collection^^
These are so cute! They would make lovely favors for my Christmas party :)
@AlohaJPark Just make sure you save these ones for the sturdy branches! These sleighs can get a little heavy. ;)