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to all my vingle friends this my favorite drama list that i always like to re watch again and again plz you all if u like the idea do you list @sakurablossom96 , @kpopandkimchi, @callmekaren, @matt95, @tyta468, @sherrysahar @danidee i challenge you all winter sonata secret garden kimi wa petto innocent love brilliant legacy you are beautiful last cinderella secret full house master sun come sis @masridaniela tell me ur opinion in my list
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coffee prince! !
Hi evryone :) I'm nw to vingle.. I liked dis app as soon as i saw the word kdrama:* Here goes my list: secret garden, Gentleman's dignity To the beautiful you Rooftop prince My love from another star cunning single lady Queen in hyun's man The prime minister is dating Suspicious house maid boys over flowers playfull kiss Heirs City hunter......... list continues..
hey there list all baby Bi Rain dramas my bae To the beautiful u Secret My love from another star jumong boys over flowers 2 weeks Gap dong ...... etc
those u don't mention it sis ...and we enjoy every min of them ...right ??? @christy
@MasriDaniela yeah sis we did