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from Ehlers Longboards - This is our first Double Kicktail Longboard. As longboarding evolves and progresses into different styles, tricks and technology, the board shapes are moving right beside it. We introduce to you the “Genus” Double Kicktail Drop Through Longboard as the newest addition to our arsenal. We named it Genus because of its duckbill shape. The Double Kicktail Longboard’s shape is cambered in the middle and the deck is designed to handle landing shock extremely well. Let our newest addition take you to the next level in your longboarding endeavors. Weight Capacity: Holds up to 320lbs Length: 39" Width: 9" Wheel Base: 29"
Don't forget their prices! They got some nice prices!!
for really its actually really eye appealing
Looked at their site and they have good prices and good looking boards. Does anyone know if their good boards or not?
Hell yeah I want one.
they really are some nice boards
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