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need some suggestions

Alright so my friend wants a longboard , she has recently been riding my landyacht . She likes the feel of cruising , but she eventually wants to learn how to do other things like downhill,free ride, dancing. We have been talking about the loaded tesseract because it's good for all around purposes. Her price limit is about $300, idk if we should get a good deck with stock bearings/wheels etc.. Or an alright deck with great bearings/wheels etc.. What is better ? Open to what you Guys think.
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I wouldn't spend that much on your first board. I've seen people dish out like $300 on a board they used only for a few weeks and sat in their room since. She should just get something basic, with a basic setup, nothing over the top. She should get some something that's under $200. Arbor Is pretty good for a first board. You can get one for about $170. Landyachtz also has a few boards under $200. Then there's sector 9 also, not my favorite, but they have a few decent boards under $200 for a beginner. You could also try that new company called Elhers. I'm not sure how their boards are, but most of them are in the $120 range and seem pretty well made.
@steezus I forgot to mention that she wants a drop though . And she is really passionate about longboarding. She wants to learn one thing at a time . But i know she really would practice . @michaelnieves I don't think she is that type of person, she rides mine everyday and she can't get enough . So do you still think she shouldn't get a nice board because she probably will use it all the time
If it's her first board, don't get her the tessy. Get her a single kick cruiser to start, and if she likes that get her a board after she's gotten good use out of the cruiser. Then she can expand from there into other disciplines. Maybe then she can get the tessy, but its best if she knows exactly what she wants to do first. You don't wanna start out with everything on the tessy.
@shanker666 a Landyachtz switchblade is good for freeride, downhill, and VERY LIGHT dancing. It's also a drop through, so that may be right up her alley.
@shanker666 Well it's really up to her. We can give suggestions, but it's up to her what she wants to do with her money. Another option is to buy a really nice deck and some basic wheels and trucks then slowly upgrade as she progresses. My first board when I started was some random board I bought off of Amazon. I just bought a regular set of bear grizzly 852, some sector 9 wheels and some sketchy abec 9 bearings. I started off with the back hanger flipped and the front unflipped to learn how to carve. Then I got more comfortable, then had both trucks unflipped, got comfortable with that and picked up some 50 calibers, then eventually 44 calibers, etc. I got a few new boards over time and it was great to learn. You don't need an expensive board/set up to learn and have fun.
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