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Hey guys! I'm still fairly new to Vingle and haven't introduced myself XD So I wanted to create another tag for us to get to know each other better. Your name. Where you're from. Age. What got you into k-pop? Who is your favorite boy + girl group. And lastly, your all time top five favorite songs! Yes, five. (I know we all have more than five! lol) *Feel free to leave out information you're not comfortable sharing. @MattK95 @danidee @kpopandkimchi @jiggzy19 @honeysoo @sherrysahar @callmekaren If you're not tagged do it anyway (; Don't forget to tag me so I can see it ❤️
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@coed2020 Welcome welcome! (: I loveeee Coffee Prince! I have seen pictures of The Greatest Marriage and neeeeeed to watch that next. Lol
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@aabxo nice to have you here on vingle. My name is Jackie, and I am from Ohio, U.S.A. I am 53 years old. My daughter introduced me to kpop...thank goodness... I love it. My favorite male groups are B.A.P. and Big Bang and exo ( please don't make me chose one)... I enjoy many many others...but these are my face. For girls, I would have to say f(x) and 2ne1. Fav songs...ah... Warrior (bap), Mama ( exo), anything Big Bang, Danger (bts), face (nu'est) and her (block b) girls, come back home (2ne1), I am the best ( 2ne1), paper heart (f(x)), nu abo (f(x)), mama Mia (Kara). these are a few of the songs I like. I also love k-drama as well.
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@JackieMurrayCab Welcome to the Kpop family :D
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Thanks. 감사합니다.
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@JackieMurrayCab Hello Jackie! Glad to see we have similar interests (;
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