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For the toddler/preschooler in your life, here are a few picture book presents that can awaken or encourage their love of books and spark their imaginations and aspirations from an early age: 1. Journey, by Aaron Becker http://goo.gl/5I8z3p This wordless picture book challenges you and your child to imagine and tell the story portrayed in the gorgeous illustrations by Aaron Becker. The premise is enchanting - a lonely girl draws a door in her bedroom that takes her on an incredible journey. As she goes she draws what needs into existence using the same red marker. A wonderful story about our power to create opportunities for adventure and to bring our dreams to life. 2. Chu's Day, by Neil Gaiman & Adam Rex http://goo.gl/UlTjIc This simple story about a little panda with an irrepressible urge to sneeze is wonderfully illustrated and charming. My son giggles uncontrollably in all the right places, and asks me to read it again and again. 3. Instructions, by Neil Gaiman http://goo.gl/aZ15je I had to include this book, even though it's by the same author - also, it's for slightly older little ones than Chu's Day. It's a wonderful kid-sized journey through a typical fantasy adventure narrative. It's wonderful to introduce young children to the fairy-tale worlds of endless possibilities with the guidance of a legendary master of the fantastic. We also used it to help our son understand the importance of following instructions, in a fun way! 4. Rosie Revere, Engineer, by Andrea Beaty & David Roberts http://goo.gl/naElph This very cool and empowering book for little inventors and dreamers is about a quiet girl who is secretly a brilliant inventor of all kinds of cool gadgets and dreams of being an engineer. She meets her ancestor, the famous Rosie the Riveter (you've seen her in that classic poster from war, showing her bicep), and works to help her dream of flight come true. It's a great story about following your passions, about girls who love machines, and about failing and getting back up again. 5. Not a Box, by Antoinette Portis http://goo.gl/facKCD This delightful little box feels like a box, and is all about how a box is never just a box when we use our imaginations to turn it into wonderful things. It's not a box - it's a spaceship! The delivery is very simple, but my son loves it. He has definitely taken the idea outside of the book and looks at random boxes and says "It's not a box, it's...(insert cool thing)!"
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Great choices! I'm an especially big fan of those by Gaiman. Great works.