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Dirty Dubstep w/ Vocals
If you like some wub-wubs in your day "Listen to Mystery Song Ft. BEGINNERS (Infuze Remix) by Bassnectar #np on #SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/bassnectar/19-mystery-song-ft-beginners" This is the dirtiest dubstep song I've heard in a while! Where I come from "Dirty Dubstep" is when the bass is just as pumped as the trebles, and makes you feel very euphoric, if you're into that kinda shit anyway. If I had some nice ear buds I would skate to this all day! Hope you enjoy
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I'm not usually into vocal in dubstep, but the beat in the first 45 seconds is totally hypnotizing and then it just keeps building. Nice find!
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Thanks @caricakes but how can you not like the vocals? its usually the only thing that's not a preprogrammed sound lol. I dig that any ways.
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@KTM2014 I feel like I can zone out better when there aren't any vocals cause I'm the kind of person who gets really into lyrics. Sometimes I just need noise to really space :)
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I feel you on that @caricakes definitely helps you focus more
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