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Usually, I try to argue that my sense of humor is developed. Mature, even. But realistically, you can crack me up with the same jokes that will make any 10 year old laugh, too. Which is probably the reason I love these "Bad Lip Reading" videos! They're completely out of this world, but the movement of the lips seems to match, and thus my brain instantly tries to make sense of the non-sense. So, without further explanation, enjoy these Bad Lip Readings of "Hunger Games."
"You'll find me in a bar... in Montreal. I love my gun, and I poo 'd in space." look up the BLR Rick Perry commercial. it's amazing! and I dare anyone to take the "Russian Unicorn" challenge - watch that video and see if you don't catch yourself singing it at random moments the rest of the day.
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@JonPatrickHyde Ha!! I'll check it out :)
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