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I completely agree with Stein that anyone in the West can be taken out at any point in the playoffs. The entire conference is a conference of insane teams. Hell, you have the Suns as your possible 8th seed, or dare I say it, the Thunder with Durant and Westbrook! I also found it hilarious that the Pistons are now ranked 30th. I don't understand how they can have Drummond and Monroe do so little with it...
@EightyNine I think they are too green to make any damage, though
I really hope the Pelicans or Kings can make it into the playoffs. It'd be nice to see some fresh teams get in there and do some damage
I would hate for the Dubs to have to meet the Thunder in the first round. Anyone but them please lol
@EightyNine That is true. I remember that Mavericks - Warriors series where Baron Davis just went off...
@Goyo when you have the best player on the court anything is possible! I think Anthony Davis has enough to shock a team
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