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so close
Hopefully I can become in the top twenty and stay there long enough to win something.
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Next contest will be an actual contest, we've been talking and we think thats a much better system than the whole points thing.
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haha @RichardSchafer you got this man! It took me a while to get this high up but i goota feeling that youbhave what it takes!
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And yes! we are having a contest coming up very soon to appeal more to the vast majority of people on here
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@steezus yes I thought the point system was kind of ridiculous because people who were new would be at a disadvantage and people in the top twenty tend to stay there and it's so hard to get in the top twenty. @BenKaplan thanks I checked it rarely but I noticed when I went from like 43 to somewhere in the thirties and I was like maybe it's not that hard to move up after all and next thing I know I'm in the upper twenties and than I got super excited.
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