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Take some time this Christmas to make your family something delicious: a nice cup of Irish Coffee! I found this recipe at Thanksgiving, but didn't get to go home during that time, so I'm going to try to make this for my family while home at Christmas time! Irish Coffee is coffee with a kick, and something I know my dad is going to love. This recipe is based off of that of the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco, which is known for popularizing Irish Coffee: Ingredients: 6oz preheated glass Two sugar cubes 4oz of brewed Peerless coffee 1.5oz of Tullamore Dew whiskey 1.5oz of whipped cream. Then, follow the infographic on the second image to see how to make the drink! Sprudge.com came up with some awesome potential variations of the ingredients for this recipe, and I added a few variations of my own! Change up the coffee! Instead of the original Peerless coffee, try some Blue Bottle coffee, Equator coffee, personal home roasted coffee, or some Coffee Angel Ethiopia Wote! For the whiskey, Buena Vista used Tullamore dew, but you could use Jameson, Old Crow, or Killbeggan! The sugar cubes could also be changed out from the standard C&H cane sugar cubes for Turbinado, Stevia, or something else! Lastly, the whipped cream! Try making an espresso or whiskey based whipped cream! Impress your family this Christmas with these cocktails :)
@TechAtHeart Anytime you're making a hot coffee beverage, it's preferable to preheat the glass or mug! Because otherwise a lot of the heat will seep into the glass/mug which holds a lot of heat; if you preheat it, the drink will stay warm and delicious longer!
yummy will have to try it
@hikaymm, That makes a lot of sense now that I think about it!
This looks so good! It's so interesting that the glass needs to be preheated...why is that?