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Well, not quite. But he did say that the Knicks are developing a loser's mentality, which actually I have no problem with. I know that as a fan, I am supposed to root for my Knicks to win as many games as possible, but where will that get us? We are not good enough to do anything. I heard in this video the argument that the Knicks need to win to show teams that they are an attractive destination, but would they really buy that? If I were them, I wouldn't. What will save the Knicks is a hell of draft pick, a ton of cap space, and PATIENCE. I am glad that Jackson has called out the team, but if we continue to lose out on close games, I wouldn't mind. To me, that would be a better sell to those potential free agents. Cap space + top draft pick + we lost a lot of games but barely (5 points or less) => Think what we will be with your talent plus more FA talent + this high draft pick?
@EightyNine yea i agree but I am pretty sure they would pay him max money...
The Knicks definitely have problems. It won't be easy.
@Goyo I think Monroe is worth a good 10 mil a year
@EightyNine If they do, I really hope that they do not overpay for him (which they probably would... if they get desperate)
@Goyo Maybe they'll go after MOnroe.
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