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The season of Christmas and New Years is not always filled with carols and candy - its filled with stress! I would like to offer a few tips on how to stay sane and have a relaxing, enjoyable holiday season. 1. Give yourself a mental health break. Trying to meet unrealistic expectations brings major stress and anxiety! Give yourself permission to not go all in to the holiday frenzy. Give yourself a mental health break by choosing to keep it simple this year. 2. Give someone a mental health hug. You can be a sparkle of hope in a person's day by reaching out and being a true friend. Spend time with someone you know who's had a rough time or is facing a difficult anniversary during this holiday season. Your supportive presence can help lift feelings of despair that you didn't even know were there! Give someone a mental health hug by reminding them that they are not alone. 3. Part ways with people pleasing. It is way too much work making sure that everyone else is happy. No matter how good your pie, somebody is going to complain about the crust. No matter how hard you try to ensure a good time, somebody is going to be cranky. Part ways with people pleasing and discover how freeing it feels to not be enmeshed in other people's mess. 4. Build up your mental health immune system. The holiday season is a good time to schedule an appointment with a mental health professional. Build up your mental health immune system by getting a mental health check-up as a holiday gift to yourself. 5. Find your mental health sanctuary. We all need places where we feel unconditional acceptance and support. Your sanctuary could actually not be a place at all, not a physical location, but a person. Whoever or whatever it is that gives you inner peace and calm, name it, claim it, and go there... like, a lot. There is no shame in seeking a mental health sanctuary during the holiday season. Find your mental health sanctuary and experience inner healing.
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Thank you so very much for this!! This year I am doing my first,"less-stressed" X-mas...not going to make it picture perfect ...absolutely will be making Jesus Birthday Cake & singing the Birthday Song to & I do this every year...HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO EVERYONE!!;)