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We are always told to watch our serving sizes and to don't overeat, but what are the actual benefits of eating less? Yes, eating to much is bad for you, but what is it about eating small meals that makes you that much healthier? A famous 25-year study on primates and calorie intake published in 2013 found that monkeys eating a restricted diet (by 30 percent) live longer and endure fewer age-related diseases. The results were not fully conclusive, but they led the New York Times to say that “there is no doubt that with an overweight population, a 10 percent reduction in body weight would have tremendous health benefits.” Eating less food in general—whole food, junk food, meat and plants, GMO and non-GMO—would help accomplish that goal! An additional benefit of eating less food is environmental. Reducing our daily calories would lower our intake of foods that are 'resource intensive.' Americans alone consume about 57 percent more meat than we did in the 1950s. Four times more cheese, 20 times more yogurt, eight times more corn sweeteners, and 18 percent more wheat flour. All of these goods emit more greenhouse gasses than their lower-impact counterparts—AKA fruits and vegetables! So by simply eating less (of anything - even "healthy foods") you raise your chances of living longer and having a more positive impact on our home.
I once heard from a friend that consuming less calories can put the brake on aging. She practice this by chewing 20 times before swallowing. Supposedly this method can keep her full without eating too much.
I find that when I eat too much I just feel worse. There are not only the huge environmental benefits to think about, but the smaller benefits you feel right in your body!