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Today's forecast is a high chance of snow and an even higher chance of bored eating. When I am trapped inside my house by weather, illness, etc, I find myself immediately gravitating towards the kitchen and I end up munching all day! So how do I stop this mindless eating?! Well, I found a few tricks that I am going to try: 1. Use a Big Fork I would have thought using smaller utensils would slow down eating, but it turns out I'm wrong! A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research shows that restaurant-goers who eat with really big forks eat less food than people who eat with really small forks. A possible explanation for this finding is that when people use small forks to eat, they feel like they are not making any big progress in eating! 2. Eat from a Small Bowl I know from experience that this trick works! Research from the Georgia Institute of Technology shows that people eat 31 percent more ice cream when they eat out of a 34-ounce bowl, rather than 17-ounce one, ScienceDaily reported! 3. Get Some Sleep Columbia University researchers found that sleep deprivation can also lead to more calories consumed. They found that women who only got 4 hours sleep the night before ate 329 more calories in a nine-hour period compared with if they weren't sleep deprived. 4. Know Where You're Eating Researchers had movie-goers say whether they were regular popcorn-eaters or not, and then they had them eat either stale popcorn or freshly popped popcorn. "The results show just how powerful our environment can be in triggering unhealthy behavior," study researcher David Neal said in a statement. "Sometimes willpower and good intentions are not enough, and we need to trick our brains by controlling the environment instead." 5. Hide the Junk! Research from Cornell University shows that we are three times more likely to eat the first thing that we see, compared with the fifth thing we see! 6. Eat with Your Non-Dominant Hand Research published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin shows that eating with your non-dominant hand can help you to decrease the amount of food you consume, CNN reported.
I need these tips! Hadn't heard of the big fork trick - but I always eat on small plates now. And I guess you can't much if you're asleep! Haha
Seriously this is how I gain weight over the holidays. Not by all the sweets but by just being at home and grazing hahaha
I have tried using a fork with my left hand and it definitely slowed me down hahah