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so i was crusimg down the street on Saturday and i went to go through the crosswalk. the light turned red when i was in the middle of the street and a truck driver decided to speed up and he hit the tip of my board and i fell and curbed my board fml
I haven't had that many problems with people in my town. One dumbass wanted to show off for his girlfriend and revved and passed me and slammed on his brakes and I just passed him and carved down hill so he couldn't pass and had to slowdown.
One day a parasite will crawl up his dick and chew it off
@EricDavis haha you remembered! Yeah @yodiemacc the same thing happened to me recently w a motorcycle. Let's just thank out guardian angels and skate till death!!!!!!
I hope his girlfriend cheats on him, catches herpes, gives it to him, his uncle molests him, and his uncle gets herpes. He seems like a real douche man, hope he gets whats comin to him. #karma
That's bullshit F those kinds of people.
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