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Teaching vocabulary to someone else, or trying to learn new vocabulary on your own, can be incredibly difficult. What is the best method? Well, that can differ for everyone, but to some extent a system can be developed that helps ID and progress through the learning of new vocabulary for people of any age. Isabel Beck, an instructor, has one potential system to use to categorize words so that they can be learned: -Tier One: Basic words that rarely require instructional focus. - Tier Two: Words that appear with high frequency, across a variety of domains, and are crucial when using mature, academic language. - Tier Three: Frequency of these words is quite low and often limited to specific fields of study. Tier One words are those that you want to learn first when learning a new language, or the words you want to ensure your children have a good base of when they're growing up and heading towards their school days. Tier Two words are great for teaching in school: you want to focus on words that will be used, so that the lesson can be positively reinforced many times. Additionally, once you've studied a language for about 3 months, Tier Two words are where you should focus so that you can come to be conversational on many, many topics. Once a student or language learning feels fairly confident in Tier Two words, Tier Three words should be approached cautiously. Focus on words around a particularly topic, and rank those Tier Three words into a new system of Tiers: which are necessary to understand the basics of the topic,and which are less necessary? Again, move from Tier One to Three and you'll soon have a great knowledge of the words! This is a great way to move through vocabulary! If you're still stuck, try beginning with a list of words. Divide those into words you know, words you kind of know, and words you don't know. Take the kind ofs and don'ts and rank them into Tiers. Then, get to work!
@danidee Great! I hope this can help you find those words that will be perfect for teaching him using this.
This is a great card, @greggr! I tutor a nine year old boy who just moved to the United States, and it's been hard figuring out which vocabulary words are appropriate to teach and which ones might be a little too difficult of a stretch.