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Rebecca Alber on Edutopia posted a great list of "must-dos" for teaching vocabulary that can help prevent Must Do #1: Be Very Selective - Shorter lists are better - Long lists don't stick! - Spotlight seven words for a two week unit, while mixing in other new and unfamiliar words with less focus on them - Choose high frequency words Must Do #2 Use the Words Every Day - Use them daily! - Use them in your conversations with students. - Ask students where they have used those words. - Use the words in the directions you use. Must Do #3: Prominently Display the Words - Make a word wall that uses images, examples, analogies, and connections to their own worlds. - Allow students to add their own photos or drawings of somewhere they could use the word, or that it appears Must Do #4 Revisit Past Words - Keep a list of words you have covered so you can reuse them! - Challenge students to use them in quick write prompts. - Include them in instructions for other tasks as much as possible. Must Do #5 Assess Application - Make the words a part of big, summative assessments like projects or papers. Make them use present and past words they have masters. - How many? You decide. But remember, less is better. Do you have any additional tips of what you think works best for teaching new vocabulary?
@danidee And, it can fun for students, too! I've had many a student who get very excited to be able to know all the words and use them when they're choosing from the lists!
I think #4 is perhaps one of the biggest and most important ways to help students retain vocabulary! It's much easier to remember new words when you see them constantly being used.