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It's so inspiring to read about tech being used for the good of humanity. Brad Berman is an avid marathon runner that suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke (brain bleed) that left him in a coma for a month and bed-ridden at the hospital for 4 months. Berman share in the article that the saddest thing for him is not being able to play with his two boys (his whole left side is paralyzed.) However, now with the help of the exoskeleton called Ekso, he has been able to start walking again. Although he is still learning to stabilize himself, he hopes that he will be able to run again and play with his kids. The Ekso is a full-body robotic device that is being used for neuromuscular control in stroke patients. Berman is also using a robotic device called Anklebot that is mounted to a knee brace and custom shoe. It was designed by MIT engineers and is able to help the brain take more control of ankle movements through a computer. In other words, it is a mechanical physical therapist. I wish the best for Berman and hope that he will be able to live his life happily with the help of these devices.
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Amazing how technology will lead us to a world where disease or stroke will soon not be able to stop a man from walking!