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Jumpy is an iOS and Android compatible smartwatch designed specifically for kids ages 5-8. There's currently a kickstarter campaign where you are able to purchase a watch and get it by March 2015. Here are some of the features: * Reminders and Notifications Easily set up reminders,alarm clocks, "inactive notification” alerts so your kids can stay active and have a good sense of time management. A smart device that wakes up your kid for school? Awesome. * Edutainment You are able to use it with educational games, play team games and interact with other users. * Detachable Core Unit You are able to remove from the wristband, much like the Misfit * Messenger Able to send messages, draw messages, pic emoticons. * Monitoring You are able to monitor your kid's activities and even track their location so you know that they are safe. What do you all think? I'm not a parent, but I still think it is a nice idea! Kickstarter: Website:
I don't know why, but I find this hilarious. It's basically a watch to stalk your kids 24/7. I'd rather have less technology for them.
I think kids would love it and parents too. it looks useful and fun to me. Just don't make the kids feel stalked. give them a bit more freedom and responsibility when tracking them and show that you respect their privacy and that you trust them. and don't stalk your kid all the time, only when necessary.
@csgeek, good thing to think about. I don't have kids yet, so I am not sure how I would want to handle tech in the household yet. I think moderation is key...and one of the features of this watch is time management. It is funny that you are using technology to remind someone to stop playing video games or watching netflix, but it could work.