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This is skyline drive that I'm standing on.. 180 corners and a solid 8% grade for a 1/4 mile straightaway into another 180 turn and a cliff on one side the entire time.. ridiculous stuff mannn. I couldn't do it haha I had to stop after the first turn and assboard down til the bottom turn. This was in July though.. haven't tried since.
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One day you'll make that hill your lady friend!
3 years ago·Reply
nice looking place to ride! go back and eat that hill a piece at a time till its conquered or your dead... Nuff sed
3 years ago·Reply
You're very brave, buddy.
3 years ago·Reply
I've been there
3 years ago·Reply
straightaway sounds like a fun place to do some freeride and narrow paths make it even better!
3 years ago·Reply