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It is Computer Science Education Week! #CSEdWeekFTW. Obama is letting 30 middle school students from Newark ,NJ and Brooklyn, NY go to the White House to participate in an "Hour of Code". Similar "Hour of Code" events will be hosted nationwide. I am so glad this is being put on. We need computer science to be taught in schools, you learn so much about problem solving and gain some awesome critical thinking skills. The Obama administration announced their commitment to bring computer science education to schools by doing the following: " • Commitments by more than 60 school districts, including the seven largest school districts in the country, to offer computer science courses to their students. Together, these districts reach over 4 million students in more than 1,000 high schools and middle schools nationwide. • Over $20 million in philanthropic contributions to train 10,000 teachers by Fall 2015 and 25,000 teachers to teach computer science in time for the school year beginning in Fall 2016. Many of these teachers serve Elementary school students. • New partnerships by the National Science Foundation (NSF) including a new Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science course by the College Board that emphasizes the creative aspects of computing and a focus on real-world applications. Leading partners, including Teach for America and the National Math and Science Initiative, will assist in implementation and scale-up of the course. • New steps to increase the participation of women and under-represented minorities in computer science, with a new computer science classroom design prize and many innovative outreach efforts. Work includes bringing needed visibility to exceptional role models like Navy Real Admiral Grace Hopper, the ENIAC programmers, NASA’s Katherine Johnson, and other leading technical heroes. " (via whitehouse.gov) I am so excited about this. When I was in high school, AP Computer Science was not even offered! Watch the video I attached of Obama talking about #CSEdWeek. In honor of this awesome cause, I will be sharing more cards about computer science throughout the week, so be on the lookout, fellow Vinglers. Source: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2014/12/08/celebrating-computer-science-education-week-kids-code-white-house
@ChickenNrice Not only that, but also to publicly get involved is good for the program to gain more traction.
Good to see the president keeping up with the times.