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we met them at the drama shooting :) they look very close each other especially my JG and MR. HEHEHEHEHE I get angry kkkk The laywer Ann is the little brother of korean actor Kim tae woo. You look like a pervert !!! (Because he performs catching JH's hands kkk wriggling his fingers...) Ann- I think so too hehehe The korean actor JOO SANG WOK picked Park si yeon(JH) as a ideal person. (Park si yeon is actually married woman) So he says that he feels sorry for her... At that time Gwang soo(JG) Don't try and explain it away. The cute guy Gwang soo, MC says since we are running of the time.... let's stop here for today..(it's time to interview Gwang soo kkkkk) Gwang soo says" Everyone may wonder about it.. keep going hehehehehehe) In the drama shooting. he was really afraid of that guy who takes the role of gangster. kkkk Love our drama bye ~