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These are the kind of videos I absolutely hate to see. This video surfaced a few months ago, and shows an angler who clearly doesn't understand what he is fishing, or what mistakes he has made. Or, he does, and he just doesn't care. After this video first went only, the Canadian fish conservation agencies were contacted (its a Canadian angler, in Canadian waters) and finally, months later, it has been revealed that this guy will be charged. Good. There is no reason to be killing "trash fish" as he calls them just because they're eating what he wants to catch. Does he know nothing about the food chain or how an ecosystem works? This is disgusting.
I couldn't watch th e whole thing :( That's gross :(
maybe somebody should club him and throw him back to spoil on second thought the fish dont deserve that either
I would not call this guy an angler. He is a disgrace to the name.
@weist7573 @dougjohnson Exactly. It's whatever if you don't like one fish as much as others, we all have our preferences, but this kind of behavior is disgusting.
Like @weist7573 I was totally shocked by this. I don't know how this guy managed to talk to that jackass rationally. Totally uncalled for, and disrespectful to fisherman everywhere!
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