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Are you so into your smartphone that you would sacrifice your relationship? Most of us would say no, of course not. But is it possible that you are unknowingly damaging your relationship(s) by focusing too much of your attention on that little screen? The UK Daily Mail reports that in a study, 75% of women admitted that mobile devices are ruining their relationships. That's a staggering number! So large, that it makes me a little suspicious. What counts as "ruining"? How is causality determined? Here are the main points of the article: + Psychologists from two US universities claim smartphones can be the 'third wheel' in a relationship and distract couples from each other + Survey found three quarters of women in long-term relationships claim they feel that smartphones are interfering with their love lives + A quarter claim their partner has texted during an important conversation Here's an excerpt: "Scientists found that what they describe as this ‘technoference’ – even if infrequent – sets off a chain of negative events: more conflict about technology, lower relationship quality, lower life satisfaction and higher risk of depression. The poll, which was conducted by Brandon McDaniel of The Pennsylvania State University and Sarah Coyne of Brigman Young University in Utah, surveyed 143 women." That's a pretty small sample for a survey, so I'm not sure how much it really means, but I think I'm pretty confident in saying that mobile devices definitely can have a negative effect on relationships, and that my significant other and I are both guilty of looking at our phones while the other is talking, or getting on our devices instead of talking or hanging out together. This article may not be groundbreaking, but it does motivate me to pay more attention and avoid mobile-damage in my relationship!
p.s. It has tips about how to use devices in a balanced way
I just heard a great radio show about this same topic - and was inspired to post a follow-up! http://www.vingle.net/posts/634677
@WordDoctor awesome, thanks! I'll check it out
@hetmeisje - That's great! I don't necessarily think smartphones automatically ruin your relationship - but if used excessively or in the wrong way there can be detrimental effects. I definitely think people can find a way to use them responsibly and moderately. I agree about balance, @TechAtHeart!
It depends for me. I definitely have those moments when I am glued to my phone, but then I have my moments when I don't look at my phone for hours at a time. Both of these situations have driven the other person crazy in my relationships. I have definitely learned that balance is key. Being glued to your phone all the time isn't good, and never answering your phone could be bad as well. It's funny because I don't like either of those type of people, but I do it all the time. I guess the whole idea of what you hate about others is what you hate most about yourself is pretty true in this example.
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