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Now, I ask this question sincerely. I've been fortunate enough to spend most of my lake fishing time on lakes that largely aren't populated with docks, but more recently I've been thinking about expanding where I fish next year, and that might bring me to some public lakes that do have houses on them. What's your rule when fishing near someone elses dock, on the water, in a kayak? In this case, I think the yak angler did the right thing. He didn't get too close, he was respectful, and even when the homeowner was getting unnecessarily rude, he kept his cool and moved along. What are you opinions on this?
@dougjohnson Yeah. If this guy had been a little nicer than I agree the angler should have just left to be polite, but that was just ridiculous.
Personally, i think they don't have a right to being angry if it's not private waters. of course all anglers should display basic respect and not cast over anybody or nothing like that but you can fish there respectfully justl ike you can anywhere else.