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This article from the Ubertesters blog shared some great tips about the importance of having a testing team: 1. No testers no bugs. False! Even the top programmers experience bugs in their code. Testing is important in the software development life cycle because it produces a higher quality product when you have a team of people pay attention to details. 2. Web applications need less attention. Sadly, web-based applications do not solve all testing issues. Just like anything else, new bugs can be introduced when things are fixed. It's an endless cycle. 3. Customers as testers. You shouldn't make your customers be testers of your product....you need to present the best possible product if you want them to stay. Yes, offering beta testers isn't bad, but don't make your main version of your product be a test. 4. Good testers don’t want to work as testers. You can find good testers if you provide good work conditions, interesting projects, opportunities for self-growth, and professional growth. You can also hire professional testers via the specialized platform. 5. I have no money for that. No testing team = double work for programmers. Testers are generally cheaper than programmers and it would be worse to lose your programmers. What do you all think? Are there more misconceptions you know about? (via Ubertesters)