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New Sandblaster Baitcaster
I guess if you can't cast our far enough, this might be your answer! Still can't help but think that it'd be much cheaper, and easier, to get a kayak, paddle out, and fish vertically, no? And, you wouldn't have to freeze a sabot around your bait and weight. or bring electrical tools with you. Or lug something heave around. Or.....there's just so many ors. Do you want one?
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depends if he catches something, if not, then it just another day at the beach.
3 years ago·Reply
with pneumatics
3 years ago·Reply
I'm gonna say they probably didn't catch anything, or the video would have continued!
3 years ago·Reply
@KawikaAfelin @yakwithalan Yeah I'm not calling this fishing either actually....changed my mind.
3 years ago·Reply
Are there really people that try this?
3 years ago·Reply