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Long have we wondered: is there anyone grand enough, important enough, and with enough gravitas to sit in Stephen Colbert's seat? Well, turns out that person might be the President of the United States himself. In another move that shows the president knows how to be in touch with today's media, Obama made an appearance on The Colbert Report and took over "The Word" segment, renamed, hilariously, "The Decree." Pres. Obama read a specially-prepared, cheeky, even slightly risque script as Stephen, about himself. "I'll just say whatever you were about to say." The topic was health care. Good thing the president is good at keeping a straight face! I think that must be a requirement for the presidency... haha! What's your favorite moment?
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oh no...I was afraid of that. I'll check if they posted it.
@danidee don't know if you saw it already - but I updated the video!
@sanityscout This is so funny!! Thanks for reposting it. I'm really glad that President Obama is good at laughing at himself. made me laugh out loud
@danidee I think that was my favorite moment, too!