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First board is my favorite second one is badass. Third one dope. Fourth one meh. But I like the first three. I wonder how good this brand is.
first one foe shooo, haven't really heard much about these guys, read some reviews and they were good! sounds legit to me. i like em! have u ever ridin this brand before?
@MichaelNieves yeah I really want the ninjapus it's fucking epic. I may buy it asamp. As soon as monetarily possible
I was looking at their other boards just now, they seem really good. I definitely want to grab one if I can. I'm probably going to look into them a bit more tomorrow. If they have a good rep, I'll probably buy one of their boards as my next board instead of a Bustin like I originally planned.
I'm going to get the first one. I'm a little bit of everything. I downhill, I do tricks, I plan on learning how to slide here in the spring maybe sooner if the weather permits, I want to learn dance. So I think the first one would be a good for everything kind of board like a Swiss Army knife longboard
But if you're gonna do down hill I recommend that you get the 3d one it's all around a good board for down hill slides good concave slight drop and it gives a wow factor since it's 3d
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