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First board is my favorite second one is badass. Third one dope. Fourth one meh. But I like the first three. I wonder how good this brand is.
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I'm legitly getting that first one as my next board. Either with Christmas money or money from this job I'm supposed to be getting or something. I'm getting it as my next board. It's too bad ass. Ninjapus.
Yea it's a good brand
But if you're gonna do down hill I recommend that you get the 3d one it's all around a good board for down hill slides good concave slight drop and it gives a wow factor since it's 3d
I'm going to get the first one. I'm a little bit of everything. I downhill, I do tricks, I plan on learning how to slide here in the spring maybe sooner if the weather permits, I want to learn dance. So I think the first one would be a good for everything kind of board like a Swiss Army knife longboard