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@sherrysahar you wanted to see my drama list so here it is!! ( in no particular order) 1. City Hunter ( this drama was great until the last 3 episodes but it's still worth a watch if you like Lee Min Ho)!! ^ ^ 2. King of Highschool ( I love this drama so much I would happily watch it again)!! 3. Boys Over Flowers ( this was the first k-drama I ever saw) 4. Your The Best Lee Soon Shin ( IU was awesome in this drama I enjoyed watching it! Also if your looking for a long drama this one was 50 episodes)!! That's all the dramas I have watched so far that I have really enjoyed ( I know... It's a sad list)!! ^ ^but the next one on my to watch list is Flower Boy Ramen Shop also Personal Taste has been recommended to me but I don't really know what it is about?!?! Any recommendations!?? I hope you liked it! All credit goes to the owners of these videos! ( I do not own these videos)! <3
Boys over flowers. masterpiece drama
City Hunter was my first and I loved it :) Anything with LMH in it I have watched. Also love Boys over Flowers..really made me a Lee Min Ho fan forever :)
I lovee like "big emotional roller coaster' describes almost every drama haha I'm always a wreck afterwards! @MattK95
Great list! I need to watch King of High School again!
@kpopandkimchi it was the first drama I watched and cried in also, man that was a pretty big emotional roller coaster, I still loved it though :)
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