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Monday Night Football was a treat with a high scoring affair. The Packers won 43 to 37 after being up big in the first half but the Falcons stormed back and had a chance at the end but could not convert on the onsides kick and contain the Packers rushing attack and stop them from getting a first down. Some things from the game: 1) The passing attack of the Packers is hard to stop (DUH). Jordy Nelson can beat you every way and Randall Cobb has become a speedy possession receiver that knows where to go when Rodgers is in trouble. Combine that with well timed screens to Starks and Lacy and opponents have little choice but to pick their poison when trying to defend them. 2) The Packers CBs cannot contain the star receivers. Multiple times tonight one had to ask why the Packers kept single covering Julio Jones. The man simply tore them apart dropping 259 yards and a touchdown (and was THIS close to having 2 more TDs.) 3) The Falcons have a playoff caliber team. They showed tonight that they can play with the best of them and they gave the Packers a tough game at Lambeau. If the Falcons make it to the playoffs watch out. They could make some noise. 4) Julio Jones has reached the echelon of "elite" receivers. That is without quesiton. 259 yards on 11 catches is crazy and he could have gotten more if he didn't ding his hip in the start of the 4th quarter. No team should leave him single covered and the only thing stopping this guy is injury.
I think the Falcons are better than their record indicates
@TrueBruin I agree, hopefully they can get the defensive backs back on track
Packers d is gonna have to step up more than what they showed if they want to get far in the playoffs
Man Jones tore them up! They couldn't do anything to stop him. Freaking beast