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Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said the team sent medical documentation to the NFL to help clarify the extent of Tony Romo's rib injury suffered earlier in the season and why it had not been listed on the team's injury report. There was controversy after last week's victory over the Chicago Bears, when Romo said he has played part of the season with a broken rib (but never showed up on the injury report for his ribs), but Garrett confirmed Monday what sources said Friday: Romo did not suffer a fracture and instead had a cartilage issue. The Cowboys didn't want to disclose that Romo was dealing with his ribs again so opponents wouldn't target his ribs. They wanted to keep their player safe. However the league wants teams to unveil injuries of their players so that people who are betting on those teams or playing fantasy football can make informed choices and increase viewership and interest in the NFL games. What do you think about this issue? Should the Cowboys be fined or is the NFL just being silly?
Sneaky Cowboys... But it was to protect romo. I don't think that's breaking the rules
I think it's fine. Romo was already on the injury report. It becomes a problem when they aren't listed on the report but they don't play.
@chickennrice belichick has been doing that to poke fun at the system and play with fantasy footballers hearts. The man is the devil of fantasy football
I'm with you, @EightyNine. I totally understand not wanting to make your QB a target. They shouldn't use this to lie about big, risky injuries and endanger the player by making them play, but that's not what happened in this case, in my opinion.
Hasn't belichick been cheating this system for years now? He always says his players are questionable lol