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ES found a letter which she sent to herself from the future. After reading it, she got shocked. What are letter telling? Let's see more..! The letter from ES in the future say..'I'm walking the path I walked with him. I remember every single moment. Would you find 100 hundreds later? I can't expect, but still I hope..I thought many times. If I came back to palace with CY, would GM and NK survive? Then CY would not feel guilty? If I could go back there, if I can see him smiling once again..Don't runaway like I did, ES, even if you gonna leave last day of your life.' CY asks what's happening, but ES says "It's nothing. Just hug me.. If sth happens to GM and NK, would u be fine?" ES insistes she gotta go back. CY require her explanation, and she gives the letter. He says "First we're going to go back to town. After seeing the situation, I'm gonna decide." GM's military finds NK, but he still can't find her. He orders to use more people to find her and asks if isn't there any news from CY. Then Choi servant came in and report she found a letter in NK's room. After reading it, GM orders to search the shelter which embassador stay. CY says "I think it's gonna be okay even if we go back." ES asks "If I send you to palace and I go to the gate alone, would you do so? U left GM to guide me, and I don't feel good about it.." Suddenly, a guy tries to attack CY behind. CY hurts him, and says to ES "stay here." He goes somewhere and says "Let's fight here." Then, a ninja come out and fight with CY. CY says "Won wants to take you to execute you. You still wanna go back?" ES reminds the words of letter 'don't runaway even if it's gonna be the last day of ur life.', and says "I still wanna" GM asks to embassador "The signal in this letter is yours. Talk where NK is..! I gotta find out!" He says "I don't know..This is signal of my seal, but the writing is not mine." Embassador asks to DH "Did you use my seal?" DH says "Why I do that?" Embassador says "I came here to make Go Ryeo belong to Won without war, if it's possible. But sth happens to NK, the father who is King of Won will get angry." DH says "Don't worry. I don't think NK would be in danger." GM worries if NK went out from capital. Choi servant says people began to find her as soon as she disappears. But he still worries and orders to bring DH. GC thinks if it's true that ES came from heaven. None of his servants believe it, but GC's sure about it and feels so much curious of heaven. CY and ES came back to capital, and heard the news that queen was kidnapped GM asks DH to return NK. DH says "I won't deal with you. If NK is in danger and you coudln't protect her, the story will spread to Won. Then you will be the King who mistreated queen." GM says "You wanna be King? If you want, have it. Give me back my queen..!" CY is planning to find NK. Servants report DH didn't go out from home at all. CY says "Then there must be a servant who help him. Was there anybody who went to the embassador's shelter?" Seeing CY, ES asks "let me go to DH. I will find out where NK is..!" CY asks to GM "I heard u met DH. What did he say?" But he doesn't answer and says "Why you came back? I think I can't sruvive her..There's no any way..I though about killing DH, but I couldn't....I can't do anything.." CY says "Hold on..! Tell me what he said." GM says "I begged of bring her back. I even would give Go Ryeo to him if I can get her back.." CY says "Just order me what do I have to do." GM says "Go and bring NK back safely.." CY accepts it and begins to be busy to find her. ES went to DH. He asks "Tmr you are gonna be executed. Do you know that?" ES says "This is letter from heaven. It says you kidnapped NK and where she stays. If you give me antidote of the poison I got infected, I will not say to King where she is." DH's servant reports "Military began to evacuate." DH says "Do not care of it. We still have queen in our hands." GM is thinking of NK. He says "I didn't think of other. I just will not make our baby go through the same situation." GM says to embassador "You asked me two things to execute ES and accept seal from Won. First, I would give back the seal to you. I don't need that anymore. Second, the wicked that you told me..she's great doctor in Go Ryeo. She cured me and queen. Does she look like the wicked? The servant from DH says "DH said to kill you if GM still insist independence of Go Ryoe." At the moment he's gonna kill her, CY comes in and rescues her." In the meanwhile, GM says "ES didn't come from heaven exactly. Because her medical practice is so great, those false story have spread. I can't accpet your offer anyways. Even if there would be war, I won't care." Then servant comes and reports "Queen came back..!" ES goes into and looks NK's condition. She reports "NK is fine..but she has an abortion. It seems like she ate kind of drug there by drinking water." CY says to ES "GC required to see you. He heard that you didn't come from heaven and wanna know truth." ES says "I wanna stay in safe place for a while." A friend of CY says "I heard you gonna quit. Everyone worries of it. Is there any emergency for you? Or is your sword heavy to you too? A long time ago, your teacher came to my house and talked with my father. At that time he said swords is heavy now. So, do you feel the same?" GC says to DH "Let's go back to my home, and finish the stuffs we planned." CY's servants says "There's new freshmen in our military. She came here from King's order. We know that the priority is ability, but that was GM's order." CY looks who he is..but he sees that he is ES. CY says "So you gonna stay here under my protection? Cuz this is my shelter?" ES says "Yes..I'm not gonna runaway.."
only story no video here?
Gracias por las recapitulaciones de este maravillosa historia.
Hope u enjoy all u guys! :D Let's see next monday! :D
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I love the ending...that smile when she says she wont runaway...sent chills down my spine
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