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At the request of @honeysoo here are my Top 10 Kpop Love Songs 10- K Will: Please Don't = K Will totally kills the vocals of this song while keeping the lighter more elegant feel without putting you to sleep. 9- SHINee: Dream Girl = Upbeat, catchy, adorable and a really fun song that will make you think about that special girl in your life. SHINee captured the essence of this song perfectly. 8- Sistar: Loving U = This was the first song I had ever heard of Sistar and I have loved them ever since! Cute, catchy, overall great song. 7- Super Junior: This is Love = This feel good song, while rather new, still makes my Top 10 list because it just feels so damn good to listen to! 6- Ailee: U&I = Ailee is, in my opinion, one of the best female artists in the world. Her vocals are absolutely KILLER and this song is no exception. This jazzy love song will have you singing along in no time. 5- Vixx: ERROR = This music video is absolutely killer and had my eyes watering. Just yes. 4- 2am: Days Like Today = OK, first of all if you haven't seen the video go watch it NOW! Everytime I watch this m/v it brings me to tears. Astounding song, even better music video. 3- Taeyang: Eyes, Nose, Lips = Yeah, yeah, I have 3 newer songs on here! But come on, you and I both know that this song is absolutely fantastic. Taeyang proved he is a lady killer, and killed this song while he was at it. 2- SNSD-TTS: Baby Steps = Where do I even start? This song is just so freaking amazing. Beautiful, emotional, elegant. And Taeyeon on those high notes ♡.♡ 1- 2BIC: Love Again = I absolutely love 2BIC and they get far too little recognition. These guys have a sound that you won't hear anywhere else. 2BIC and Ailee come together on this song and it is so perfect! The soul feel and the pure emotion that 2BIC bring to this song is great and that is why it is my #1 Kpop Love Song!
Haha thank you! That means so much! This is kind of embarrassing but i've been listening to Kpop for around 2 years and that was the first song of theirs I had heard and it was so good I just had to pick it!
VIXXXXXX!!!!! I'm so happy you picked them hahaha You have great taste!
I met the songwriter of Baby Steps last year, Drew Ryan Scott. He sad that Baby Steps is the song he's proudest of! :)
Thank you so much! I wasn't sure what people would think of it because I have a lot of picks that not a lot of other people would haha!
This is a really awesome list!! Great job!! :D
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